Cultures in movement: New visions, new conceptual paradigms

The institute “Istituto per la storia del pensiero filosofico e scientifico moderno », a RAMSES partner, organizes on 26 June 2017 the following seminar.

« Cultures in movement: New visions, new conceptual paradigms »

The category of Orientalism, understood as a product of Western authors, artists and the like, has been superseded, and so too has a unitary vision of the vast and complex Eastern world of the Near East. However, a conception that is no longer static but the fruit of historic, spatiotemporal and emotional transformations has yet to be adequately placed at the centre of the ‘Mediterranean world’ in a culturally broad sense. Such a view requires the testing of new paradigms and investigative methodologies, and of new conceptual tools. In this seminar, the point of observation will be reciprocal legacies, the transfer and translation-appropriation of knowledge, objects and goods, and migrations of bodies, ideas, visions and emotions – all of which have made the Mediterranean not a barrier but a point of contact between different and plural cultures.

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